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Gibran Rakabuming Raka, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s oldest son (right)

How Muslim teachings support political dynasties in Indonesia

The public approval of political dynasties, especially among Muslims, is fuelled by Muslim preachers and their beliefs around what constitutes a good leader.
Infrastructure can increase vulnerabilities to coastal cities like New York. GlennisEhi/Getty Images

From New York to Jakarta, land in many coastal cities is sinking faster than sea levels are rising

Land subsidence is a factor as preparations are made for rising sea levels and strengthening storms. Human infrastructure, including buildings and groundwater extraction, increases vulnerabilities.
Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, right, and his running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the eldest son of President Joko Widodo. Tatan Syuflana/AP

Is Joko Widodo paving the way for a political dynasty in Indonesia?

Jokowi’s bet the general public doesn’t really care about constitutional crises or claims of dynasty building seems to be paying off.
Xi Jinping shakes hands with Chinese construction workers at a Belt and Road Initiative site in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2023. Frederic Dubray/AFP via Getty Images

Growth of autocracies will expand Chinese global influence via Belt and Road Initiative as it enters second decade

More autocratic governments, growing urbanization and emerging technologies will bolster the spread of Chinese influence around the world, an expert on emerging economies explains.
Three pairs of president and vice president candidates running for the Indonesia’s 2024 election. Galih Pradipta /Antara Foto

The professor, the general and the populist: meet the three candidates running for president in Indonesia

Indonesians will go to the polls on February 14 to elect a new leader. Here are the three leading candidates and their running mates.

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