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Was World Vision Australia chief advocate Tim Costello right to say that Australia’s foreign aid spending was at its highest under Menzies, at 0.5% of gross national income? AAP Image/Royal Australian Air Force, CPL Jessica de Rouw

FactCheck: What are the facts on Australia’s foreign aid spending?

We check the facts on how Australia’s foreign aid spend has changed over time.
A Treaty Protection Zone allows Papua New Guinea inhabitants and Australian nationals to mix freely on the outer Torres Strait islands. Cam Pervan

Drug-resistant tuberculosis in PNG and Torres Strait islands

Most Australians hear only periodic news items about outbreaks of tuberculosis, but globally the disease remains a top killer. And the emergence of drug-resistant strains pose a major challenge to tuberculosis…
The rehabilitation of Cambodia’s railways has involved the forced relocation of many families that live along the railway line. Neil Rickards

Beyond aid numbers: accountability for human rights abuses

In the lead-up to the federal government’s decision to delay the promised increase in the aid budget, a CARE Australia survey found strong public support for Australia’s international aid program. From…
More effective aid has been the focus this year. AAP/Australian Defence Force Petty Officer Damian Pawlenko

Government postpones aid target, but ramps up aid effectiveness

The government has postponed its foreign aid target by a year as part of its 2012 Federal Budget, but has announced a raft of new measures to monitor the effectiveness of Australia’s aid programs. The…
AusAID’s future funding is in play tonight. Australian Civil-Military Centre

A guide to aid funding in the 2012 budget

The 2012-13 budget has been the subject of an unusually intensive amount of media and sectoral speculation and debate in the past few weeks. This piece sets out what we should look for in tonight’s budget…
Developing countries such as Cambodia can provide opportunities for the entrepreneurial, not just aid. Flickr/mwiththeat

Why raising developing countries out of poverty is good business

AusAID has just joined the litany of calls for business to become more involved in development. NGOs and governments want to encourage business to deliver better quality of life in poor countries. But…

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