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Was World Vision Australia chief advocate Tim Costello right to say that Australia’s foreign aid spending was at its highest under Menzies, at 0.5% of gross national income? AAP Image/Royal Australian Air Force, CPL Jessica de Rouw

FactCheck: What are the facts on Australia’s foreign aid spending?

We check the facts on how Australia’s foreign aid spend has changed over time.
The rehabilitation of Cambodia’s railways has involved the forced relocation of many families that live along the railway line. Neil Rickards

Beyond aid numbers: accountability for human rights abuses

In the lead-up to the federal government’s decision to delay the promised increase in the aid budget, a CARE Australia survey found strong public support for Australia’s international aid program. From…
Australia’s aid program is mostly focused on the Asia-Pacific region, but Australians answer the call for help from all over the world. AAP/AusAID

How Australian aid in Asia can benefit those at home

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the fourth part of our series, Deakin University’s Matthew Clarke examines why more Australian aid to Asia would improve regional security. Australians are a generous lot. On a per…

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