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After the war, Bean spent two decades working on the official war history, writing six of the dozen volumes and supervising the overall project. Wikimedia Commons

View from The Hill: When there’s a lot in a name – ‘Bean’ survives a legacy war

As for his racism and anti-Semitism, Bean’s attitudes on race changed in later years. He conceded he’d been wrong about Monash. In the 1940s he supported the idea of a Jewish refuge in Australia.
AEC disclosures revealed Malcolm Turnbull to be the single biggest donor to a political party in 2016-17. AAP/Dan Peled

The truth about political donations: there is so much we don’t know

The annual February festival of lampooning the largest visible donor lulls Australians into a false sense of security that there is a functioning political donations disclosure regime in place.

Interactive: a snapshot of political donations in Australia for 2015-16

Check out our interactives showing the total donations to Australia’s major parties in 2015-16, who the biggest donors to the parties were, and how donations to parties have changed in recent years.

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