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Claims of mysterious creature sightings dominate cryptozoology – but where is the evidence? Chi-Yun

Cryptozoology? No need for an apology

All forms of science are reliant on facts, hard evidence and statistics to maintain relevance and credibility. But what of the legitimacy of the so-called “pseudosciences”? A warning: I’m going to pick…
New claims for the existence of Bigfoot appear to have been greatly exaggerated. JD Hancock

The bigger the Bigfoot claim, the bigger the need for evidence

Forget blurry pictures and casts of big foot-prints. A Texas veterinarian, Dr Melba Ketchum, and her collaborators have published an article, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, proving the existence…
When you hear the words “international team of scientists” run for the hills. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Media puts its Bigfoot in it Yeti again: it’s abominable

What ever happened to quality science reporting in the mainstream media? Why do so many journalists seem to simply accept press releases as fact? Are qualifications no longer relevant when it comes to…

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