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Testing new ways to navigate a complicated world. ETH Zurich/Alessandro Della Bella

Cybathlon: A bionics competition for people with disabilities

People with disabilities are often disappointed with their devices’ performance, and choose not to use them. To encourage innovation, a new competition tests assistive technologies.
To really get into the brain’s mechanisms, we need to build a working model. Tankakern/Flickr

It’s time to build a bionic brain for smarter research

The structure of the brain reveals a network of massively interconnected electrochemically active cells. It is known that information can be represented by changes of state within this network, but that…
It’s just a twinge, doctor, but it’s every time I take my face off. JD Hancock

Your body is the next frontier in cybercrime

If you think it’s enough of a chore trying to stop thieves stealing your credit card details and hacking your Facebook, imagine trying to stop them getting into your pancreas. Advances in healthcare mean…
A woman drinks using a robotic arm, something she hasn’t been able to do with her own arms for 15 years. Nature

Brain-controlled robotic arm toasts success with a drink

The world of brain-machine interfacing (BMI) has a new posterchild. A study on people with tetraplegia, published in Nature, has shown participants were able to control a robotic arm and hand over a broad…
d db a f b. littlehonda_350/Flickr

In search of the Bionic Man

In 1973, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) first aired The Six Million Dollar Man, a made-for-television movie in which Steve Austin, an astronaut test-piloting a prototype aeroplane, experienced…
Age-related macular degeneration is responsible for almost half of all cases of legal blindness in Australia. Caduser

Bionic vision: the fight for sight

What is the bionic eye? Often when we talk about the bionic eye, people get the idea of some sort of artificial eye implanted to replace visual function. In reality, the “eye” comprises a series of components…

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