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Articles on British Social Attitudes 2013

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How do you get in the taxi if you can’t open the door? kenjonbro

Behind the headlines, a nation divided over immigration

Immigration is seldom out of the news, but the past month has seen attention spike to new highs as the removal of transitional controls on migration from Romania and Bulgaria has sparked furious debate…
Popular south of the Border? David Cheskin/PA Wire

Growing support for Scottish independence … in England

The introduction of devolution in Scotland and Wales and its re-introduction in Northern Ireland was one of the major achievements of the Labour government. Yet its aspirations for fostering devolution…
Representing the 90%. Dave Thompson/PA

Britons say no to smaller state

Britain is still a majority social-democratic country. That is, politically, the most significant finding of the latest British Social Attitudes survey published this week. Most people want a country which…
Patients are more likely to complain about food than treatment. A hobo dancing barefoot

British attitude to the NHS – quite satisfied, actually

The NHS in the UK has come in for a lot of bashing of late, especially from politicians and the media. The former do so for largely ideological reasons, while I fear the latter often report the exceptions…

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