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Australia’s Federal Court last year rejected Ms D'Arcy’s appeal and ruled companies could patent genes they isolated. Dan Peled/Shutterstock

Remind me again, how can companies patent breast cancer genes?

The High Court challenge is the last resort for Ms D'Arcy's test case against companies patenting human genes and has implications for patients, clinicians and researchers.
The answer’s in there somewhere … Bunches and bits

Missing data may hold the key to finding new cancer treatments

Imagine trying to follow a complex novel many times longer than War and Peace with hundreds of characters and twists. With every cancer having a unique story hidden inside its genetic code, this is similar…
These data will greatly advance our ability to identify cancers with the same or similar origins. Image from

Cancer ‘signatures’ offer hope for treatment and prevention

Research published in the journal Nature overnight describes the mutations that make cancer cells grow faster than ordinary cells. These “mutational signatures” don’t just open up avenues for better cancer…

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