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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, seen here with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during this month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, has moved climate change onto the new government’s priority list. Mick Tsikas/AAP

A fresh start for climate change mitigation in New Zealand

As part of its 100-day priority plan, New Zealand’s new government has pledged to set a target of carbon neutrality by 2050, which means phasing out fossil fuels and products that burn them.
This isn’t summer: Sydney broke the previous autumn warmth record by 10 days. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

‘Abnormal autumn’ shows the climate system is in a foul mood

The climate system is in a foul mood. From “angry summer” to “abnormal autumn” – we’re running out of words to describe the relentless extreme weather that Australia is experiencing as global temperatures…
Lack of information and advice on climate change isn’t the problem. Steve Easterbrook

Government doesn’t need climate bodies: it needs commitment

In closing the Climate Commission, and introducing legislation to abolish the Climate Change Authority, the government has said it can instead rely on information from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology…
Firefighters battle a bushfire close to homes in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, in October this year. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Climate Council’s Code Red bushfire warning

Australians have always had to live with bushfires - but climate change is driving that fire danger even higher. And we’re not talking about a distant threat to future generations. According to real observations…
Even when the Climate Commission was taxpayer funded it was good value. The Climate Council

Communicating climate change is great value for money

Many will be relieved at today’s announcement by board members of the Climate Commission that they will be continuing their work by setting up a community-funded Climate Council. Communicating climate…
Former Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery with a solar array at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus in 2011. AAP/Dave Hunt

Loved by the crowd, but will the new Climate Council be truly independent?

The newly-formed Climate Council has been swamped with A$160,000 in donations and so many followers that its Twitter account has been repeatedly suspended. But experts warn that concerns about its independence…
An infographic accompanying the report showed how different parts of Australia would be affected by global warming-induced extreme weather events. Climate Commission

Extreme weather threatens crops, cities: official report

Extreme weather caused by global warming poses a growing risk to Australia’s crop lands, cities and iconic sites like Kakadu National Park, according to a new report that calls for global emissions to…
The Climate Commission says Queensland could be a leader in concentrated solar thermal power, but the political will is lacking. AAP

Qld a leader in solar? Not under current govt, say experts

Around the clock solar power could be a reality for Australians in the foreseeable future, but experts say a hostile state government stands in the way of Queensland becoming the solar power leader suggested…

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