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Henderson beat Greg Mirabella 234 to 197 after other runners were eliminated. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Sarah Henderson wins her way back to parliament

After losing her marginal seat of Corangamite at the election, Sarah Henderson is set to return to parliament after winning preselection for a Victorian Senate vacancy.
After the war, Bean spent two decades working on the official war history, writing six of the dozen volumes and supervising the overall project. Wikimedia Commons

View from The Hill: When there’s a lot in a name – ‘Bean’ survives a legacy war

As for his racism and anti-Semitism, Bean’s attitudes on race changed in later years. He conceded he’d been wrong about Monash. In the 1940s he supported the idea of a Jewish refuge in Australia.
Labor MP Darren Cheeseman faces an uphill battle to retain Corangamite. The Victorian electorate is Australia’s most marginal seat. AAP/David Crosling

Ultra-marginal Corangamite is a mirror of the nation

In 2013, the Victorian electorate of Corangamite is a mirror of the nation’s electoral allegiance and social composition. At the 2010 federal election, Labor’s Darren Cheeseman narrowly won on the back…

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