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Three women displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine check their mobile phones at a refugee centre in Hungary. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

The Russian invasion shows how digital technologies have become involved in all aspects of war

Internet infrastructure disruption, targeted cyberattacks and the manipulation of disinformation during the Russian invasion of Ukraine all show that warfare now includes cyberwar strategies.
Seven hackers tied to the Iranian government were indicted for attempting to take over a New York dam’s control system. Alex Wong/Getty Images

How Iran’s military outsources its cyberthreat forces

The Iranian military operates cyber espionage and sabotage through a network of dozens of contractors, allowing the state to attack foes while denying involvement.
Digital attacks can cause havoc in different places all at the same time. Pushish Images/

A cyberattack could wreak destruction comparable to a nuclear weapon

Nuclear threats are serious – but officials, the media and the public keep a close eye on them. There’s less attention to the dangers of cyberattacks, which could cripple key utilities.

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