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Trading in the dark doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. Arne Dedert/AAP

Dark pools don’t deserve shady reputation

Dark pools are growing in popularity and now account for more than 15% of total trading in some stock markets. But despite such trading being blamed by some commentators for everything from market instability…
Where traders lurk. byronv2

Explainer: what are dark pools?

A draft agreement for an overhaul of EU securities trading regulation has now, eventually, been reached. Among other things, some new rules have been designed to regulate the use of “dark pools”. So what…
Trades on the ‘grey markets’ are becoming increasingly common in Australia. flickr/zdenadel

Explainer: black markets, grey markets, and dark pools

There are a range of markets available to buyers and sellers that allow them to exchange goods and services. But whereas some markets are highly regulated, others are not regulated at all. The sale of…
Are the algorithms used in high frequency trading a threat to the markets themselves? ASIC says the danger is “overstated” but the FBI and the SEC have joined forces. AAP

The rise of the machines: High Frequency Trading and dark pools

In language that is more in keeping with hackers and crime syndicates, the Financial Times reported last week that the FBI was going to assist securities regulators in the US to tackle “dark pools” and…
As high frequency trading and dark pools worry Australian regulators, can a market be too fluid? AAP

Could high frequency trading lead to our own ‘flash crash’?

The dangers of massive high frequency trading are becoming increasingly clear in equity markets. Greg Medcraft, the chairman of corporate regulator ASIC, confirmed to a Federal parliamentary committee…

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