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The Chinese province of Xinjiang, bordering Kazakhstan, is planning fibre optic security dubbed the “Great Fence of China”; the technology was pioneered by an Australian firm, but China’s rapid technological adaption signifies another chapter in its evolution as a world power. AAP

Fencing Australia in the Asian Century

As Borat tends to his pigs on his comely estate situated on the border of Kazakhstan and China, one of them flies across in a desperate attempt to look for better opportunities in the Fabled Land of Exploding…
Australian researchers say a new Bill designed to free up defence trade with the US puts them at a disadvantage. AAP

Researchers question government handling of Defence Bill

The government has enabled rushed legislation that could put Australian researchers at a disadvantage to their US counterparts, says University of Sydney deputy vice-chancellor of research Jill Trewhella…
The Square Kiometre Array is just one of many projects academics fear will be impacted by the proposed Defence Trade Controls Bill. AAP

Defence Bill still needs work to protect researchers

A controversial bill designed to free up defence trade with the US will leave Australian researchers vulnerable to criminal prosecution unless changes are made, says University of Sydney academic Michael…
There has been little debate around the proposed Defence Trade Controls Bill, which could criminalise common research activities. Image sourced from

Science and the slammer: the consequences of Australia’s new export control regime

At this moment, Australian Parliament is considering a Bill with far-reaching consequences for Australian research aimed at improving health, and fostering innovation in communications, mining, agriculture…

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