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Taxes - and what we actually should use them for - are routinely ignored.

Tax still the elephant in the (budget) room

Joe Hockey’s first budget does not contain much tax reform, in spite of headlines on the “temporary budget repair levy”. It does contain some very big cuts to spending in the short and longer term - consistent…

Infographic: federal budget at a glance

Since publication this infographic has been amended. The original version stated the NDIS was scaled back. There are no planned cuts to the funding of the NDIS.
The drive to privatise was popular during the Howard era. Alan Porritt/AAP

Asset recycling scheme looks more like policy recycling

The Abbott government is about to unveil a new A$10 billion infrastructure package in its first budget. Apparently it is to be funded by a “special immediate measure” in the form of a levy imposed on high-income…
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann is faced with the challenge of justifying a new tax. Alan Porritt/AAP

Australia’s tax system is half-baked and a deficit levy won’t help

The Victorian government has decided to reduce payroll tax by 0.05%, from 4.9% to 4.85%. The decision comes as the Commonwealth government contemplates an increase in income tax via a deficit levy. But…
Confidence will be shaken if it becomes acceptable for governments to jack up taxes because they don’t approve of previous policies. AAP/Alan Porritt

Australia does not have a debt crisis – so just say no, Joe

In the lead-up to the federal budget on May 13 there have been the usual test balloons floated by the government. Raise the aged-pension eligibility age? A $6 co-pay for GP visits? Cuts to the ABC? And…

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