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Expansion of the demand driven funding system would be a positive outcome for students, but an expensive one too. AAP

Defeat of higher ed bill should ease budget pressures

In recent years higher education enrolments have surged. This is triggering many policy issues including ballooning student debt.
Students with low ATARs are less likely to graduate from university, but very likely to leave with debt. So is it ethical to give places to all-comers? Shutterstock

The ATAR debate: students need to be able to finish uni, not just start it

Controversies surrounding university courses with low ATAR admission requirements have become a January ritual. Once universities make their offers to potential students, debates start over whether widening…
Vice-Chancellor of Southern Cross University Peter Lee says universities have to consider their social obligations when looking to raise student fees. Supplied

The university funding challenge: competition vs the public good

In tackling the challenge of funding universities, we constantly confront a particular conundrum. Universities are hybrid organisations, straddling the public and private spheres. We are creatures of (mainly…
Education Minister Chris Pyne has signalled more autonomy for universities, which could mean higher fees for students. AAP

Pyne signals more autonomy for unis could mean higher fees for students

Education minister Christopher Pyne has given his strongest indication yet that university fees will be deregulated, removing the cap on what universities can charge students. In a speech at The Policy…
The distinction between public and private universities isn’t always black and white; should the government just fund everyone? Shutterstock

Should universities fear non-university providers?

The release of the Review of the Demand Driven Funding System by David Kemp and Andrew Norton has triggered significant interest in non-university higher education providers. The review recommended that…
The demand-driven system review commissioned by Education Minister Christopher Pyne says it should continue, but what it didn’t say was how we would pay for it. AAP

Review backs demand-driven model, but how will we pay for it?

The government has released its review on the success of the demand-driven system of higher education funding, implemented by the former Labor government. The demand-driven system uncapped Commonwealth…
The government should keep the demand-driven system of university funding, the review found, but what do the experts say? Shutterstock

Demand-driven system review: experts respond

The Federal Government has released a review into the demand-driven system of higher education funding implemented by the Labor government. The review, undertaken by David Kemp and Andrew Norton, largely…
Despite significant student loan debt, the government should continue the uncapped university funding system. Shutterstock

Demand driven university funding system should stay

The government commissioned review of the demand driven funding system of universities, undertaken by David Kemp and Andrew Norton has been released today. As many commentators speculated, it is broadly…

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