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A national dental care program for low-income Canadians plans to launch coverage for children under age 12 in 2022. (Shutterstock)

7 principles to guide a national dental care program in Canada

A national dental care program is welcome news, but raises several ‘billion-dollar’ questions about how the program will work and what will be covered. Here are seven principles to guide decisions.
Something to chew on: why do governments spend less on dental services? illuminaut

Extracting the true cost of universal dental care

The recent decision to means test the tax subsidy on private health insurance was made on the grounds that we provide more help to those who need it most and not subsidise those who can afford to take…
Good dental health is important for overall health - so when will Australia see a national dental scheme? AAP

Healthcare reform in 2012: whose health system is it anyway?

As many of us recover from the festive binge of overeating, drinking too much and not exercising enough, spare a thought for the new health minister as she plans for 2012. An exciting agenda looms – will…

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