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A member of the German Democratic Party after the results posted giving a significant number of votes to the AfD, Germany’s far-right on 9 June 2024. John Macdougall/AFP

EU elections: far-right parties surge, but less than had been expected

Sunday’s vote show that the growing presence of far-right parties in almost all member states, but the increase wasn’t the groundswell expected and conceals differences.
Can these two ever see eye to eye on energy? Different strategies may have to do more with politics than nationality. Odd Andersen/AFP

In France and Germany, politics – not nationality – dictate energy preferences

The two countries have a history of quarrels on energy, in particular in relation to nuclear power. Yet a recent survey reveals much common ground on which to build future energy partnerships.
Asylum seekers arriving on the Greek island Lesvos in 2015. Nicolas Economou/Shutterstock

We polled EU citizens on what they want asylum policy to look like – their answers may surprise you

European citizens have remarkably similar preferences on asylum policy, including being strongly in favour of asylum seekers being allowed to work.
A campaign poster by the FPÖ calls on voters to “Stop the EU madness”, alternately denouncing the bloc’s support for Ukraine, the refugee crisis, warmongering, Covid-19 measures and eco-communism. Joe Klamar/AFP

Unmarred by Russian spying scandal, Austria’s far-right expected to cruise to victory in European elections

The FPÖ is the favourite to come out on top in the European elections and also win the parliamentary elections next September.

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