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China and the U.S. compete to be the world’s largest economy, but the dollar dominates the yuan as a currency. peng song/Moment Collection/Getty Images

War in Ukraine might give the Chinese yuan the boost it needs to become a major global currency – and be a serious contender against the US dollar

Despite China’s economic power, the yuan lags as a major global currency. Here’s why current US interest rates and sanctions on Russia may change that.
The World Bank says Nigeria’s surging inflation had pushed an estimated seven million citizens below poverty line in 2020. Olukayode Jaiyeola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Nigeria’s food inflation: losers, winners and a possible solution

Food inflation figures in Nigeria give cause for concern. Accusing fingers are pointed at rising dollars, farmers and middlemen, but this expert says the can may have been placed on the wrong heads.
African governments have some hard decisions to make if they want to breathe new life into the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative. Shutterstock

Africa needs smart macroeconomic policies to navigate headwinds

Africa needs to navigate the difficult economic waters that lie ahead without undoing the gains of the past two decades. Success will require difficult political choices.
That $550 from the carbon tax repeal might be in your bank account, or it might have been gobbled up by exchange rates. baranq/

Trying to measure the savings from the carbon tax is a mug’s game

The carbon tax repeal was supposed to save the average household A$550. And it might well have done, but teasing out the exact figure amid the myriad other economic factors is a herculean task.
Australia’s consumers are about to feel the pinch. Dan Peled/AAP

The Aussie dollar at US75 cents: good or bad?

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review last week, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens suggested the Australian dollar might fall to US75 cents in 2015. And he intimated that it wouldn’t be…
Punching above its weight? The Aussie dollar has captured the attention of Australians and international investors alike. Rebecca Le May/AAP.

Key events in the tumultuous life of the floated Aussie dollar

To navigate the timeline below, hover your mouse on the right (and on the left to move back). Further reading The float Australia had to have? Intervene or wait? The RBA faces a tricky path to a lower…
The Australian dollar has lost its dazzle as the US economy steadily improves. Image from

Making cents of a falling Australian dollar

After weeks of rapid depreciation, many commentators are wondering just how low can the Australian dollar go. Slowing growth in China and signs of a recovery in the US have renewed pressure on the dollar…
Some commentators have suggested that the RBA should intervene in currency markets to tame the Australian dollar. But is this a wise move? betta design

Should the RBA act on the high Australian dollar? Experts respond

As foreign central banks continue to park their money in our triple-A rated bonds, the Australian dollar continues its inevitable ascent. The dollar traded as high as US106.03¢ after the RBA left the interest…
There are more jobs, but even more job seekers. Flickr/Victor1558

Unemployment up, but it’s a good news story

The rise in Australia’s jobless rate for May was “a good news story”, economists said, as the largest increase in full-time jobs in 18 months was offset by an even bigger increase in the number of people…
The Australian dollar has dropped to its lowest level in six months amid continuing global uncertainty: but does it remain over-valued? AAP

Australian dollar continues to drop; but is there more to come?

The Australian dollar has dropped to a six month low on continuing fears over a Greek exit from the Eurozone, despite pleas from European Union leaders. Head of discipline, Economics and Winthrop Professor…
Who would emerge better under a trans-Tasman currency regime: New Zealand or Australia? AAP

Is a trans-Tasman currency union on the money?

The idea of a shared currency between Australia and New Zealand is not new and has engendered discussion over the past two decades. It has recently come to the forefront as a result of our Prime Ministers…

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