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Tacky Waroo, renamed Indian Head by Captain James Cook when he sighted a large group of Butchulla warriors standing on the headland as his ship sailed up the coast in 1770. Sharon Ward

Celebrating K’gari: why the renaming of Fraser Island is about so much more than a name

Fraser Island was renamed to the original Butchulla name, K'gari. Returning to original place names is a significant step in First Nations people maintaining cultural identity in Australia.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta: of 19 Australian World Heritage sites this is one of only two that recognise the values of ‘living’ Aboriginal culture. Shutterstock

Australia’s problem with Aboriginal World Heritage

Of 19 World Heritage sites across the country, only two, Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta, recognise the values of “living” Aboriginal culture. None of Australia’s three sites inscribed purely for cultural values recognises Aboriginal people.
Rangers have mostly killed young male dingoes on Fraser Island, new research shows. Jane Drumsara/Flickr

Culling is no danger to the future of dingoes on Fraser Island

The famous dingoes of Fraser Island are not threatened by the practice of culling dangerous dingoes, says new research which shows the numbers killed are too small to harm the population’s sustainability.
Without action, Fraser Island’s dingoes will be extinct in 20 years. ogwen/Flickr

Death of the Fraser Island dingo

Fraser Island dingoes, a population facing extinction, are back in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons. The latest? Australian rangers have killed two dingoes believed to have mauled a three-year-old…

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