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Articles on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at New Zealand Parliament beside senior cultural adviser to Parliament Kura Moeahu during a Māori welcome ceremony. AAP Image/Mark Coote

The Voice: how do other countries represent Indigenous voices in government?

Despite the claim ‘there is no comparable constitutional body like this anywhere in the world’ many countries have similar institutions to the proposed Voice.
Archaeologists and a scientist using artificial intelligence to study how Aboriginal rock painters’ styles developed over thousands of years. AAP Image/Flinders University

Indigenous knowledges informing ‘machine learning’ could prevent stolen art and other culturally unsafe AI practices

There are many programs where people can generate art using AI. However, this comes with a risk of non-Indigenous people generating Indigenous art, which negatively affects Indigenous artists.
Olkola Elder Uncle Mike Trying on the VR Goggles for the first time, viewing a 3D projection of the Nukakurra trail. Hannah Robertson

Virtual reality is helping Olkola Traditional Owners get back on Country

Olkola Traditional Owners are working with researchers to use digital technologies to see how story interweaves with Country. It also aims to bring Country to Olkola people who are unable to travel.

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