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Articles on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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GunaiKurnai Elder Uncle Russell Mullett at entrance to Cloggs Cave, East Gippsland. Jess Shapiro, courtesy GunaiKurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

Oldest living culture: our new research shows an Indigenous ritual passed down for 500 generations

Matching new archological findings with ethnographic records, we can show ritual fireplaces have been in continuous use for at least 12,000 years.

‘Care is in everything we do and everything we are’: the work of Indigenous women needs to be valued

To First Nations women, ‘care’ is more broad and all-encompassing than traditional definitions. We need a new approach to capturing, and appreciating, their work, paid and unpaid.
‘STEM in Community’. Artwork by Tara Rose Gonebale

‘Definitions are often very western. This excludes us.’ Our research shows how to boost Indigenous participation in STEM

A survey of Indigenous people found almost one quarter had not heard of STEM. But more than 80% saw a connection between science, technology, engineering, maths and Indigenous culture.
Angharad Johnson. Reproduced with permission from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Other images provided by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

Can more ethical histories be written about early colonial expeditions? A new project seeks to do just that

Truth-telling is at the heart of a new project re-examining an expedition in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula. This research aims to address the absence of Aboriginal voices in this history.
AAP Image/James Ross

The more you know: people with better understanding of Australia’s colonial history more likely to support moving Australia Day

After the Voice to Parliament referendum, researchers asked a sample of Australians how they felt about issues including changing the date of Australia Day.

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