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Articles on First Nations people

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Angharad Johnson. Reproduced with permission from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Other images provided by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

Can more ethical histories be written about early colonial expeditions? A new project seeks to do just that

Truth-telling is at the heart of a new project re-examining an expedition in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula. This research aims to address the absence of Aboriginal voices in this history.
AAP Image/James Ross

The more you know: people with better understanding of Australia’s colonial history more likely to support moving Australia Day

After the Voice to Parliament referendum, researchers asked a sample of Australians how they felt about issues including changing the date of Australia Day.
Amber Bracken World Press Photo Foundation/AAP

Beyond Juukan Gorge: how First Nations people are taking charge of clean energy projects on their land

Australia’s road to net zero must pass through Indigenous-held land, which is likely to host many clean energy projects. First Nations people want partnerships that help them protect their Country.

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