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Future Fund chairman David Gonski must be pleased. The Future Fund has posted stronger growth than other private and public super funds. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Behind the Future Fund’s great big return

Figures released last week by the Future Fund revealed it was outperforming the most aggressive of Australia’s pool super funds and was on track to reach its target of $140 billion a year early, in 2019…
Coal threatens our future: what kind of investment is that? AAP Image/Paul Miller

Future Fund drops tobacco: should fossil fuels be next?

After a year long public campaign, the Future Fund has today announced plans to end its $222 million investment in tobacco. The decision follows much debate about whether the Future Fund should engage…
Super funds could fund research initiatives as well as provide good returns to fund members. Image from

Super funds: an investment vehicle for scientific research?

Can the growing stash of super savings be used productively to fund valuable bio-science and other R&D while still generating good returns for fund members? Such research is typically high risk, but…
It’s time for the Future Fund to end its deadly addiction to tobacco investment. Robert Huffstutter

No future? End the Future Fund’s affair with Big Tobacco

Australia has shown outstanding leadership on tobacco control - but it could do more. The next step is surely for the Future Fund to quit its addiction to tobacco investments. The Gillard government’s…

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