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All humans navigate life using models - most of us just don’t realise. Niriel/Flickr

Exploring the future with models

Planning for our future can be a heated topic, as the many people affected may have competing or conflicting objectives. The tension, frustration and bewilderment that can accompany such an exercise can…
We’re stuck in feedback loops that mean things are going to change; we need to get ready. Steve Johnson

Stuck in a loop: understanding feedback to plan for the future

Just as 40 years ago Australia was a very different place from the Australia of today, the Australia of 2050 will be different again. If there are aspects of Australian life that we’d like to hang on to…
Humans understand complicated ideas better when they’re told as stories. Marie Still

Stories help us think about a sustainable future

Many commentators have had a go at forecasting what Australia might be like in the future. Such exercises are valuable inputs to our thinking as individual, organisational or societal decision-makers…
Australia’s future depends on decisions we make today - what’s coming towards us? Johnny Ross

Where is Australia headed? Some future projections

Australians want a future of sustainable self-sufficiency and a healthy environment supporting a robust democracy – free of poverty and inequity. That was one of our projections, as part of the Australia…

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