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When banks run out of capital, the result can be devastating. Katia Christodoulou/EPA/AAP

Should bank capital levels distress Australian regulators?

Following its stepped up year-long review of European banks, the European Central Bank this weekend failed 25 of the 130 banks it tested on the strength of their capital buffers to protect against a downturn…
Australia is striving to lead the G20 growth target - but the truth is the reform needed is hard and painful. Dave Hunt/AAP

Little appetite for painful reform needed to hit G20 growth target

In 2000 in Lisbon the European Union countries met and agreed on the “Lisbon Agenda”. Europe was already lagging in terms of growth and jobs, and it was hoped that the Agenda would “deliver stronger, lasting…
The Finance Ministers meeting in Cairns is a chance for Treasurer Joe Hockey to show leadership on OECD-recommended tax reform. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

G20 host Australia faces hard truths of multinational profit shifting

The G20 Finance Ministers have the opportunity this weekend to endorse the initial recommendations of the OECD on how to address the global problem of multinational tax avoidance. The work of the OECD…
Google books much of its Australian profit to offshore operations. Tawel/Flickr

Information is power: OECD tax plan puts Apple and Google on notice

Public outcries over tax avoidance by multinational enterprises like Apple and Google have pushed politicians to act. The unprecedented international political will to combat base erosion profit shifting…
Australia is a long way from consensus on G20 economic growth. Jason Reed/AAP

Australia may be hosting the G20, but it’s no G20 leader

When the central bank governors and finance ministers from the G20 agreed in February to increase growth by at least two percentage points over the next five years, they fell short of delivering a common…
A seat at the table: gender equality should be tackled if the G20 want to hit 2% growth targets. AAP

Time for the G20 to invest in gender equality

IMF chief Christine Lagarde left Sydney commenting that the “two genders” will have to contribute if the G20 was to achieve its aim of lifting economic growth targets by 2%. Critiques of that growth target…
The G20 is made up of several tiers, not all of whom share priorities. AAP

Can worldwide economic growth be ‘planned’?

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have set themselves a formidable task in accelerating growth and creating millions of new jobs in order to add 2% to world economic growth over the next…
G20 nations should fly the flag for the rest of the world when it comes to boosting infrastructure investment. Flickr/DowningStreet

Boosting infrastructure investment can prove G20’s value to the world

As G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs prepare to meet in Sydney this weekend, leading corporate figures known as the B20 will meet separately with major global investors to discuss the need…

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