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A street vendor in Hanoi, Vietnam. Rather than being “helpless and hopeless”, many informal workers are self-reliant and ambitious. Wikimedia

Five myths about the informal economy that need debunking

The informal economy is often perceived negatively, yet recent research from developing and emerging countries indicate that the preconceptions that surround it are myths.
Cargo containers from Asia are seen in the port of Vancouver in 2015. Canada needs to diversify its trade beyond the United States and increase our links to rapidly growing emerging market economies, particularly in Asia. (Shutterstock)

The urgent need for Canada to diversify its trade

Canada needs to diversify its trade beyond the United States and increase links to rapidly growing emerging market economies, particularly in Asia, despite the “anti-China” clause in the USMCA.
The languages children learn in school might not be the most useful for their future. from

What languages should children be learning to get ahead?

There is usually a historical reason why schools teach certain languages. But as new economies emerge, such languages may no longer be the best ones to learn.
South Africa’s local municipalities can do more to diversify their economies and push their products and services in high tech markets. Shutterstock

A blueprint for bringing local economies to life in South Africa

Through developing their technological skills, South Africa’s local municipalities can increase their capacity to compete with markets in neighbouring countries.
Hopes are high for Brazil as it prepares to host the World Cup and hold an election, but real economic change is unlikely to flow. BostonCatholic/Flickr

Brazil: the awoken giant stumbles

This year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics seem to be a coronation of Brazil’s undeniable and startling success. But with the Brazilian presidential elections looming later this year, a surge in…
Africa has a youthful population, but so far it has been underutilised in the workforce. Charles Okumu

Africa’s youth can inoculate it from Dutch disease

Africa is the last frontier of a plundered planet, as argued by Oxford economist and Africa expert Paul Collier. When compared with almost all other regions of the world that have already been explored…
Emerging economies: still basket cases? Wander/Flickr

Explainer: why do emerging markets have so many crises?

In past decades, emerging markets were traditionally thought of as “basket case” economies, with the associated stigma. Perceptions have improved in recent years, but there are still concerns these economies…
The G20 is made up of several tiers, not all of whom share priorities. AAP

Can worldwide economic growth be ‘planned’?

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have set themselves a formidable task in accelerating growth and creating millions of new jobs in order to add 2% to world economic growth over the next…
The fragile five economies have become surrogates for the developing world in meetings like the G20. Shutterstock

Explainer: the G20 and the fragile five

Financial markets love to come up with snappy acronyms – you have all heard of BRICS, but there are many others, with the “fragile five” being the latest. The BIITS - Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa…
Last year’s G-20 knees up. This year expect the taper, the IMF and corporate tax evasion to be the main themes. Flickr

We are all spillovers now: G20 finance meeting explained

Finance ministers and central bank governors from the Group of 20 major economies will meet in Sydney this week. A lot of troubled financial waters have flowed under the bridge since this group last met…

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