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John William Waterhouse, Echo and Narcissus, 1903. Wikimedia Commons

Who was Narcissus?

The myth of Narcissus – the beautiful youth who fell in love with his own reflection – has inspired poets, artists and psychoanalysts.
Surrounded by what resembles a Zoom chorus, lovers Orpheus and Eurydice descend into a digital hellscape, and later try to navigate a ‘new normal’ in their relationship. (Nanc Price/Edmonton Opera)

Live performance meets digital to create a powerful love story in the opera ‘Orphée+’

After COVID-19 closures, Edmonton Opera presented a contemporary telling of the Greek myth of lovers separated by death.
Fear about women’s power was an essential part of ancient anxiety about witchcraft. Vinicius Rafael / EyeEm via Getty Images

What Greek myth tells us about modern witchcraft

From ancient Greece to modern-day TikTok witchcraft, the world of witches has been a changing one.
A part of the fresco “Triumph of Galatea,” created by Raphael around 1512 for the Villa Farnesina in Rome. Art Images via Getty Images

What the mythical Cupid can teach us about the meaning of love and desire

A scholar of early Greek classics explains what the myth of the weapon-carrying god of love, Cupid, a child of the gods of love and war, conveys about the pleasures and dangers of desire.

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