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A March 1593 letter from England’s Queen Elizabeth I to King James VI of Scotland, where she acknowledges his “cumber [i.e., trouble] to read such scribbed lines.” (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Think tech killed penmanship? Messy handwriting was a problem centuries before smartphones

While the rise of smartphones and typing impacts handwriting, bad penmanship is far from a new phenomenon. People have struggled to read each other’s handwriting for centuries.
In an increasingly digital world, children still enjoy the sensory power of being able to touch the books they read. Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

The power of touch is vital for both reading and writing

When asked, students say that touch is important in developing reading and writing skills. Research backs them up.
Canadian baseball player Joey Votto is trying to extend his career by playing with the Toronto Blue Jays this year. He issued a handwritten apology for earlier remarks he made about Canadian baseball. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Steve Nesius

Joey Votto’s handwritten apology to baseball fans shows the pen is mightier than the bat

The power of a handwritten letter became clear when baseball player Joey Votto penned an apology to Canadian fans. Votto also reopened the debate about whether kids should learn cursive writing.
Older generations have sometimes been shocked that some younger people can’t read a handwritten note. (Shutterstock)

Why cursive handwriting needs to make a school comeback

Developing fluency in handwriting matters for literacy outcomes, and handwriting is an elegant testimony to the unique power of the human voice.
Is it important that we can write? Or that we can write nicely? photosteve101

How much does handwriting matter?

Handwriting is dead, long live keyboard skills! So says the Finnish education system. From 2016 handwriting will no longer be taught in Finnish schools. And when a high-performing country like Finland…
Considering the prevalence of typing, why waste time teaching children handwriting? Shutterstock

Teaching cursive handwriting is an outdated waste of time

Many lament that the “good old days” when they were taught “the basics” at school have gone. When launching the National Curriculum in 2010, then-prime minister Kevin Rudd stated his objective was: … without…
What’s lost if we lose our handwriting skills? Flick/PhotoSteve101

Handwriting’s relevance in a digital world

The making of graphic marks in the form of letters was one of the first activities of early humans. Written words are the visual representation of our spoken language, and handwriting is a personal representation…

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