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Australia has always had heat waves, but the current one is far from typical. Daniel Alexander Head

What’s causing Australia’s heat wave?

Australia has started 2013 with a record-breaking heat wave that has lasted more than two weeks across many parts of the country. Temperatures have regularly gone above 48°C, with the highest recorded…
The 2003 European heat wave caused 80,000 deaths at temperatures Australians usually experience in a regular summer. AAP

Could we acclimatise to the hotter summers to come?

Acclimatising to heat is a tough gig. Since 1970, central Australian regions have warmed 1.2ᵒC and as the world continues to get warmer, increasingly common and increasingly intense heat waves will make…
More and longer heat waves are coming, so researchers are making sure our crops are ready. Amy Mergard

Can crops withstand more heat waves?

Australia broke its “hottest day” record this week, and heat waves are becoming more common in Australia. Heat waves are projected to increase in duration and intensity with global warming and climate…
Environmental heat disturbs the delicate balance between sleep and body temperature. Steven Mileham

Too hot to sleep? Here’s why

Bushfires are quite appropriately dominating our nation’s concerns during the current Australian heatwave. But for many, the struggle to sleep through soaring temperatures is a personal inferno that dominates…
Preparation is key to surviving extremely hot weather. Misswired/Flickr

Strategies for coping with extremely hot weather

Exposure to extreme heat can cause illness and even death for some people. But there are several small steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. We need to keep our body temperature in…

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