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Flexibility is key. Mayur Kakade/Getty Images

6 tips for parents who home-school

Educating your children at home doesn’t have to resemble the kind of education that takes place in a regular classroom, an expert advises.
Homeschooling is legal in Australia and thousands of families are doing it. from

Homeschooling is on the rise in Australia. Who is doing it and why?

Around 20,000 Australian children are being homeschooled. Some parents do so because their child has a disability. Others may disagree with traditional schooling methods or the social environment.
Research shows that when parents engage in simple science projects with their kids at home, it boosts their learning in school. (Shutterstock)

Science in the home boosts children’s academic success

From collecting bugs to using math apps, there are many ways parents can engage in STEM activities with their kids to support their learning.
Home schooling is on the rise, but why? Shutterstock

Evidence of home schooling success erased from inquiry report

Home education has had a massive rise in popularity in Australia in recent years, with increases of 100% in six years in Victoria, 50% in two years in the ACT, 50% in eight years in South Australia, and…

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