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Summer learning programs help students catch up, but they aren’t always accessible. kate_sept2004 via Getty Images

Schools can close summer learning gaps with these 4 strategies

By targeting specific students, removing barriers and involving families and communities, school districts can make summer learning more accessible to students who need it.
School meal waivers that started with the COVID-19 pandemic stopped with the end of the public health emergency. Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity, while easing financial and logistical burdens for families and schools

Since nutrition standards were strengthened in 2010, eating at school provides many students with healthier food than is available cheaply elsewhere. Plus, reducing stigma increases the number of kids getting fed.
Is a military presence needed to regain control of America’s schools? 4x6 via Getty Images

Is the National Guard a solution to school violence?

School board members in one Massachusetts district have called for the National Guard to address student misbehavior. Does their request have merit? A school discipline expert weighs in.
Some researchers predict social robots will become common in K-12 classrooms. selimaksan/E+ Collection/Getty Images

What social robots can teach America’s students

Social robots can be useful tools to help students learn about programming, but here’s why they won’t be replacing classroom teachers anytime soon.

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