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Proposals by the Film and Publications Board to monitor online activities may be much more difficult to implement than envisaged. shutterstock

Censorship of online content: paternalism versus parental guidance

Censorship may not be the answer, but there needs to be acknowledgement of the challenges involved in the disruption of media that the internet is wreaking across the planet and in people’s homes.
The dark web is under threat. Fir0002

Anonymity will be the next victim of internet censorship

The worrying developments in UK internet freedom over the last year make predictions for 2014 gloomy to say the least. Censorship now affects us all, so we should be thinking about it. And it’s not politically…
Both major political parties have toyed with the idea of internet filters – deliberately or not – but are they effective? eeblet

Coalition backflip or not, internet filters are full of holes

By now you will have seen the Coaliton yesterday proposed an opt-out internet filter in their Policy to Enhance Online Safety for Children - and only a few hours later, retracted that policy. The retraction…
You think I’m violent? Have you met Macbeth? lisby

Hamlet is but the latest to fall victim to library censorship

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” says Hamlet upon welcoming Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to the “prison” that is Denmark. But if you’re reading this from the British Library…
Porn often gets the blame for violence against women. Flickr/Duncan

Porn doesn’t lead to rape culture

Communication Minister Stephen Conroy’s recent decision not to impose a mandatory internet filter on sexually explicit content is a welcome injection of realism into the frequently febrile discussion of…

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