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Young people who had sexually abused others said if they had received more help managing pornography, then they would have been less likely to develop the abusive behaviour. shutterstock

Hold pornography to account – not education programs – for children’s harmful sexual behaviour

Pornography is having negative impacts on children and young people. And increased sexual violence among children is only the tip of the iceberg.
In Samuel Roth’s time, there was no Constitutional protection for expression deemed subversive, obscene or indecent. Columbia News

An American Charlie Hebdo?

In 1957, publisher Samuel Roth spent his 63rd birthday in federal prison. His appeal denied by the United States Supreme Court, he would end up serving every day of his five year sentence. The crime? He…
Impossibly racy in 1808 Goya’s La Maja Desnuda is tame by today’s standards - our regulations need to keep in step with the times. Francisco Goya/Museo Nacional del Prado

Policing porn and the new enforcement of moral standards that don’t exist

A legislative provision that has just come into force bans certain acts in online pornography produced in the UK, with the effect of bringing video-on-demand services into line with the British Board of…
Got to keep that porn out somehow. Ben Davis

UK and China not such strange bedfellows in war on porn

Not long after David Cameron announced the UK’s remarkable proposals to block and ban online pornography, commentators were quick to point out similarities with what has been common practice in China…
An old sign, or the future of the internet? mikecogh

War on web porn obscures wider sexualisation of teens

Can we really separate a “nice” internet from a “bad” internet? That appears to be the thinking behind David Cameron’s statements foreshadowing the introduction of “porn filters” and search engine roadblocks…
Iceland was hailed the most feminist country in the world, after the country banned strip clubs in 2010. Image from Shutterstock

The Iceland model: banning pornography or banning freedom?

Iceland has taken a critical step to ban online pornography – and if successful it will be the first Western industrial nation to do so. According to Icelandic interior minister Ogmundur Jonasson, the…

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