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Finding a job can be hard work – luckily, knowing which unemployment figures to pay attention to is much easier. AAP Image/Joel Carrett

What unemployment figures really say about Queensland

Queensland unemployment recently plummeted – or did it? Whether you’re a Queenslander getting ready to vote in the January 31 state election, or simply someone interested in employment trends in Australia…
Kevin Rudd’s plan could actually end up costing jobs. AAP

Rudd’s jobs plan misses the mark

The Prime Minister has declared that jobs is the first priority. He will create them while the opposition intends to cut, cut, cut. At his policy launch he said that “Federal Labor is going to this election…
Smaller Australian companies are missing out on lucrative industry contracts, often due to capacity and quality. AAP

Planning for a blue collar Australia: the role of venture capital and SMEs

Labor has finally delivered the detail of its much-awaited vision for shaping Australian industry beyond the mining boom in the shape of a $1 billion jobs plan. But will it deliver? In the second of his…

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