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Sailing through troubled waters. Chris Ison/PA

‘Window dressing’ will not restore JPMorgan’s image

Another week, another banking scandal. In the past few years we have seen what appears to be an endless line-up of banks behaving badly. They have engaged in rate manipulation, rogue trading, product mis-selling…
That’s one expensive cetacean. wwfunitedkingdom

A whale of a time: how traders cost JP Morgan billions

As long as there have been financial markets, there have been serious financial losses. But the traders of today have shown a talent for blowing billions. During the most recent round of financial misadventures…
JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon: trading loss was “an egregious error” that underlines the case for Volcker. AAP

JP Morgan’s “egregious error” and the case of the known unknowns

The content and tone of JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon’s telephone call to analysts explaining JP Morgan Chase’s regulatory filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission reporting a $2 billion loss in…

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