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A statue of Franz Kafka by the sculptor Jaroslav Róna in Prague, Czech Republic, inspired by Kafka’s short story “Description of a Struggle.” (Shutterstock)

Kafka’s modest output had an outsized impact on modern culture

Franz Kafka was not well known during his lifetime, but his legacy provides a useful and necessary way to confront the current state of global affairs.
Figuring out what to do with the ‘Song of Songs’ has preoccupied people reading the Bible for centuries. 'Song of Songs' illustrated by Florence Kingsford/Southern Methodist University/Wikimedia Commons

Why is a love poem full of sex in the Bible? Readers have been struggling with the Song of Songs for 2,000 years

The famous biblical book alludes to God only once. Historically, though, most interpreters have argued the poem’s about love between the divine and his people.

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