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Reuters/Thomas Peter

Centre court and 15-love: CAS reduces Sharapova ban

In March 2016, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova revealed that she had tested positive to a banned substance – Meldonium. This drug, which she described as her “medicine”, had been used legitimately…
Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Dopey and grumpy: Maria Sharapova and WADA

The independent tribunal appointed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) recently decided on the matter of a positive drug test at the 2016 Australian Open by Maria Sharapova. Not surprisingly…
EPA/Ian Langsdon

Taking her medicine: Maria Sharapova grand slammed

After a routine drug test at the Australian Open tennis tournament, Maria Sharapova tested positive to a banned substance, meldonium. Upon being notified of the result she called a press conference, accepting…
Maria Sharapova’s fundamental skill is the same whether she takes the banned substance meldonium or an allowed natural enhancer such as beetroot extract. AAP/Filip Singer

Sharapova, drugs and the nature bias

We have an intuitive bias against “artificial” drugs in favour of “natural” drugs, but that distinction is not only false, it is dangerous.

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