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Click chemistry joins molecules together by reacting an azide with a cyclooctyne. Boris Zhitkov/Moment via Getty Images

Nobel Prize: How click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry are transforming the pharmaceutical and material industries

Click and bioorthogonal chemistry has enabled researchers to closely study how molecules work in their natural state in living organisms, with applications that span from cancer treatment to polymers.
If it’s good enough for a spider, why can’t we make such strong silk? Flickr/Petra Bensted

Why we can’t spin a silken yarn as strong as a spider can

Spider silk is strong stuff and could be used to manufacture ultra tough ropes and cables, and better sutures in medicine. If only we could find a way to make the stuff.
Preparing conducting carbon nanospheres that operate as qubits at room temperature (right) by burning naphthalene (left). Dr Mohammad Choucair

All you need for quantum computing at room temperature is some mothballs

Much of the current research in quantum computing involves work at close to absolute zero. A simple breakthough with an everyday material could see them work at more acceptable temperatures.
Make up your mind, glass. jurra8

Is glass a solid or a liquid?

Before Pilkingtons invented plate glass in the mid-19th century, flat panes could not be made. Old windows are uneven. Some once thought this was because glass is a liquid that flows down slowly over the…

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