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Tony Abbott has a history of supporting medical research since his time as health minister under John Howard. Paul Miller/AAP

Coalition policy aims to protect and streamline medical research

The Coalition’s Policy to Protect and Streamline Health and Medical Research Funding is one of the first documents off the blocks this election. Short and sweet, it is designed to appeal to medical researchers…
Health-services research can help work out how best to share the health-funding pie. Wout/Flickr

Who gets a piece of the pie? Spending the health budget fairly

In the eighth part of our series Health Rationing, Philip Clarke and Nicholas Graves suggest ways to make the health-care system more efficient and affordable. Who would want be the health minister? If…
Research should be routinely performed as part of health-care delivery. Image from

Don’t bury the benefits of research to improve the health system

If you missed the release of the McKeon review on Friday you’re not alone. The Commonwealth government released the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research just before the weekend – a time usually…
The McKeon review of health and medical research funding is now in the government’s hands with the review panel stepping up its focus on the return on investment. Paul Miller/AAP

Health review panel adjusts funding recommendations

The McKeon review of health and medical research has reduced its short term funding bid in the face of current federal budget pressures. The draft review, released in October last year, suggested an additional…
We need to research the health of the health system for the sake of sustainability. Greg Boege

McKeon review should consider the well-being of health system

The consultation paper by the panel of the McKeon Review is available and open for public comment now, so it’s worth examining whether this review (the latest of many into health and medical research…
Cognitive training is one way to keep your brain healthy. Regenerative Neuroscience Group

Medical research needs new body to champion healthy ageing

Australian medical research is undergoing its most important and comprehensive review in more than ten years. Led by the 2011 Australian of Year, the McKeon Review couldn’t have happened soon enough because…
A rally of white-coated scientists and lab technicians rally against cuts to research funding in Perth, April 14, 2011. AAP Image/Lloyd Jones

Taking to the streets to protect medical research funding

Australia’s usually mild-mannered medical researchers marched in the streets a year ago to protest mooted government budget cuts. In the face of widespread outcry, the government chose to maintain the…

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