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A new report shows that medical research in Australia is world-leading. Medical research image from

ERA results: medical research is Australia’s best

Australia’s medical and health sciences are leading the country in research quality, according to the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) report. The report, conducted by the Australian Research…
Measuring the quality and impact of university research is notoriously difficult but it’s time to watch this space. Measuring image from

The dawning of a new ERA: getting research measurement right

Before this morning’s release of the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) report, the scheme’s champion Aidan Byrne flagged that it could soon be looking at more than just research quality. Measuring…
Measuring the impact of research is notoriously difficult but a new trial has developed some new methods. Research image from

Research impact can be measured through case studies: UTS research head

The large majority of Australian university research projects have considerable impact on society, according to new findings from the sector. The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) and…
According to new rankings, Australia now has more elite universities. University image from

World ranked Australian universities go for gold

More Australian universities are now in the top 100 ranked universities in the world, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities released today. Five Australian universities – University of…
Allocating research grants based on past projects and potential profits is immoral – it skews research and damages the academic psyche. URBAN ARTefakte

Thinking for money: moral questions for Australian research

WHAT IS AUSTRALIA FOR? Australia is no longer small, remote or isolated. It’s time to ask What Is Australia For?, and to acknowledge the wealth of resources we have beyond mining. Over the next two weeks…
Real impact is important when considering how to fund research. Flickr/Mozzer502

High impact: how the story of research can be told better

When it comes to engaging with industry, government and the broader community, there is one secret weapon that is often overlooked in the university sector – the humble story. The art of storytelling is…
The social, economic and environmental impact of academic research can continue for decades. Flickr/Sanofi Pasteur

Universities to explain benefit of research to ‘end users’

Academics from a dozen universities will be required to explain to industry experts the economic and social value of hundreds of research projects from the past 20 years, under guidelines for a trial designed…
Nobel laureate and astronomer Brian Schmidt speaking after the announcement of the Thomson Reuters awards. AAP/Alan Porritt

Top-cited academics honoured (but where’s the humanity?)

Twelve academics today received awards as the most prolific and most-cited researchers in fields deemed to be strong areas for Australian research, at a ceremony in Canberra. However, the prestigious Thomson…
The University of Melbourne will oversee a new effort to measure the returns on science investments. Flickr/Geoff Penaluna

Top Australian unis to test new science metrics system

The University of Melbourne and Australian National University will perform a “stocktake” of all scientific research projects at the two institutions from the electronic era in an effort to map their social…
Do we need new vocabulary for measuring the “engagement”, “use”, “relevance” and “appropriateness” of research? spettacolopuro

The ‘impact’ of research carries weight (but ripples matter more)

What has been the impact of the invention of the telescope? What has been the impact of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, or the splitting of the atom? Yes, that’s right: the idea of measuring the…
The old system led to institutions urging their academics to write for the top-ranked academic journals only. Håkan Dahlström, Flickr

Journal rankings ditched: the experts respond

The Australian government has dropped the contentious system of ranking academic journals and assessing academics based on their ability to publish in the top-ranked publications. Previously, journals…
The university funding system discourages research on volunteers like these men who are risking their lives to help their community. Flickr/Rob Down Under

In universities obsessed with research here’s what falls between the cracks

In Australian universities at the moment research is everything. They obsess over the rankings in the new ERA system which measures research performance. For academics publishing in the top journals isn’t…

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