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The sacking of Melbourne Demons Coach Mark Neeld has parallels to business management. AAP

What big business can learn from football

It’s often said the AFL has become a big business, increasingly embodying many of the rules of the marketplace. But people rarely look at it the other way - that is, how business is like the AFL. The sacking…
There is a way to ensure poor performing teams such as Greater Western Sydney and Melbourne play to win. AAP/Lukas Coch

Playing to win: how the AFL can prevent tanking

The AFL’s recent decision on whether the Melbourne Football Club “tanked” to secure draft picks in 2009 has left many confused. While ruling that the Demons “did not set out to deliberately lose in any…
Did the Melbourne Demons lose matches deliberately? Or are they simply just not very good at the game of Australian Rules football? AAP/Julian Smith

AFL and tanking: the cure might be worse than the disease

Sometimes denial is understandable. It’s no surprise that the Australian Football League maintained for so long the farcical position that “tanking’ (intentionally losing) by clubs was not a problem. It’s…

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