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Some workplaces in the hospitality industry are especially toxic, resulting in employees experiencing burnout and mental health issues. (Shutterstock)

‘Dark leadership’ is a threat to Canada’s tourism industry

To remain competitive, hospitality companies must establish more attractive work environments by fostering positive workplace culture and incentivizing employees to work.
Overcoming societal disparities to achieve an equal opportunity path to leadership is challenging, but organizations can take tangible steps to foster leadership potential across the socioeconomic spectrum. (Shutterstock)

From playground to boardrooms: How childhood and adolescence shape future leaders

While many view the path to leadership as a journey that begins later in life, new research suggests childhood and adolescence play keys roles in how it develops.
Leadership roles present exciting opportunities for career advancement, personal growth and fulfilment. (Shutterstock)

Ready for the next step in your career? Here’s how to get ready for your first leadership position

Whether you’re stepping into the C-suite or your first team lead role, the prospect of leading others can be daunting. So, how can you confidently make the leap into a leadership position?

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