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Billy Porter arrives for the 91st annual Academy Awards ceremony. February 24, 2019. EPA-EFE

Why shouldn’t men wear skirts?

Will men ever escape the tyranny of trousers?
Iris van Herpen’s exhibition featuring 3D-printing technology, computer modeling, and engraving constructed in collaboration with architects, engineers and digital design specialists. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

Why STEM subjects and fashion design go hand in hand

The fashion industry attracts creative young minds. But to succeed as a designer in a time of rapid technological change, knowledge of maths and science is invaluable.
Still Armani. EPA/Daniel dal Zennaro

Giorgio Armani: 80, the new 40

With 3,000 employees, 2,473 points of sale, seven different fashion and furniture labels (to say nothing of his makeup, skincare, chocolate and flower lines), 16 cafés and restaurants, two hotels, a basketball…
The Beatles’ bright costumes can be seen as cheeky nostalgia for an empire in decline. Jeremy Chan

The story of … the military jacket

Fashion and war don’t seem an obvious pairing, but the military jacket is a fashion staple. It may take the form of a double-breasted dress uniform with brass buttons and epaulettes, trimmed in rock star…
The influence of the white dress shirt can be traced back to the Victorian era. Ross

The story of … the men’s white shirt

The classic white dress shirt is familiar and omnipresent in men’s fashion. As a result, we tend to be unaware that for more than 200 years this singular item of apparel, which is essentially unadulterated…
By the 1830s, fortunately for beaver populations, beaver pelt became démodé as the silk top hat appeared. Paul Stevenson

The story of … the top hat

If you had to tell the story of one item or phenomenon in fashion, what would it be? See the end for information on how to get involved. Throughout the 19th century, the top hat was a mainstay of Victorian…
Apparently the tuxedo was first worn in the New York Tuxedo Club. Mike Nelson/AAP

And the best penguin Oscar … a closer look at the tuxedo

The women on the red carpet garner so much attention on Oscars night it can be easy to overlook the men. Even the title given to the required dress code - “black tie” – is deceptive. What indicates to…

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