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According to a textile sorter and processor based in the East Midlands, approximately 40% of sorted garments were not fit for reuse and needed a recycling solution. NicoleTaklaPhotography/Shutterstock

A brief guide to clothes recycling – sustainability expert unpicks how your discarded garments get processsed

Growing mountains of textile waste are hard to recycle. There is scope to improve chemical and mechanical recycling methods but consumers and fashion brands play a role in reducing overproduction.
Puffer jackets and vests have become the popular choice of winter coat for many, but at what cost to the environment, ducks and factory workers? from

Sustainable shopping: where to find a puffer jacket that doesn’t warm the Earth

The puffer jacket has become an iconic staple of many people’s winter wardrobe. Here are some ways to shop for yours in the most eco-friendly and ethical way.
You probably don’t remember the Kathie Lee sweatshop scandal of the mid-1990s. What about the more recent debacles? AP Photo/Michael Schmelling

Untrustworthy memories make it hard to shop ethically

People who see themselves as conscientious consumers often buy items made by companies that violate their values because it’s hard to keep that information in mind.
Nearly everyone owns a pair of white sneakers. But what are the different materials required to make a sneaker? Maria Morri/flickr

Sustainable shopping: how to rock white sneakers without eco-guilt

Iconic Stan Smiths can be styled with almost anything, but most white sneakers are costly to the environment. Lucky for us, there are many sustainable alternatives that are just as cool.

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