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According to a textile sorter and processor based in the East Midlands, approximately 40% of sorted garments were not fit for reuse and needed a recycling solution. NicoleTaklaPhotography/Shutterstock

A brief guide to clothes recycling – sustainability expert unpicks how your discarded garments get processsed

Growing mountains of textile waste are hard to recycle. There is scope to improve chemical and mechanical recycling methods but consumers and fashion brands play a role in reducing overproduction.
New Africa / Shutterstock

Would you drink recycled water?

Recycled waste water is perfectly safe to drink, but many people aren’t keen to use it for anything other than watering plants.
Legos are designed to last for decades. That posed a challenge when the toymaker tried to switch to recycled plastics. AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi

Lego’s ESG dilemma: Why an abandoned plan to use recycled plastic bottles is a wake-up call for supply chain sustainability

Corporate supply chains are riddled with high, uncounted emissions, as Lego discovered. New regulations mean more companies will face tough, sometimes surprising, choices.

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