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A breakthrough resolution on Rio Tinto’s climate stance has received a strong vote at the company’s AGM. AAP Image/Andy Brownbill

Rio Tinto’s climate resolution marks a significant shift in investor culture

The shareholder resolution on climate change at Rio Tinto’s AGM is another indication of how much investor culture is tilting towards demanding that companies take a responsible climate stance.
More mines, more roads, as the government puts its drive towards economic development ahead of all else. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

There are no green shoots for sustainability in this Budget

Amid talk of paths to surplus and investing in infrastructure, both sides of politics seem to have forgotten Australia’s longstanding responsibility to govern sustainably, and not just for the economy.
Mitch Hooke has fears that a coalition government might be protectionist. AAP/Alan Porritt

Hooke warns on creeping new protectionism

Mitch Hooke, whose Minerals Council of Australia helped kill Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership, is bowing out of the front line – but slowly. With the debate about the much-emasculated Gillard version of…
Coal mining is crowding out industries that could bring more benefits to more Australians. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Limiting Australia’s ballooning coal exports is good for the economy

Last week, Greenpeace released a report calling for a halt to Australia’s burgeoning coal exports and pointing to the catastrophic climate impacts they would cause. In response, Mitch Hooke, chief executive…

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