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These baobab trees in Sine Saloum park, Senegal descended from seedlings that floated over from Madagascar. Tuul and Bruno Morandi/Getty Images

Baobab trees all come from Madagascar – new study reveals that their seeds and seedlings floated to mainland Africa and all the way to Australia

New research has found that the world’s baobab trees all evolved on Madagascar 21 million years ago. Sometime in the last 12 million years, they floated on piles of debris to Australia and Africa.
Congo River, Democratic Republic of Congo. Guenther Guni/Getty Images

Buying and selling forest carbon as a commodity is dangerous if it trumps other environmental and social uses – new report

The carbon stored by forests can be bought by polluting companies to offset their emissions. This can displace communities who depend on natural forests for their livelihoods.
A hybrid breeding approach has the potential to accelerate genetic diversity and help produce disease-resistant pups every year. Adobe Stock

African wild dogs will soon have their own sperm bank – how artificial breeding will help them survive

The African wild dog has been left without habitat to naturally disperse and breed. Scientists will set up the first-ever sperm bank to inseminate wild dogs and ensure that the species survives.

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