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Congo River, Democratic Republic of Congo. Guenther Guni/Getty Images

Buying and selling forest carbon as a commodity is dangerous if it trumps other environmental and social uses – new report

The carbon stored by forests can be bought by polluting companies to offset their emissions. This can displace communities who depend on natural forests for their livelihoods.
Malawi needs another 600,000 tonnes of maize after an El Niño drought that reduced the harvest. Wilpunt/Getty Images

Malawi faces a food crisis: why plans to avert hunger aren’t realistic and what can be done

The El Niño drought in Malawi decimated the maize harvest this year. It has left the country with few options other than importing food.
Farmers working the land in the Western Sahara, Egypt. DeAgostini/Getty Images

Africa’s drylands are getting more support. How to make the most of this

A changing climate threatens the balance that communities in drylands have created.
A maize farmer in Kenya surveys his degraded land. Photo by David Bathgate/Corbis via Getty Images

Key insights into land degradation from seven African countries

Regreening Africa works directly with 500,000 households to restore one million hectares of agricultural land.

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