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Graduation at Fudan University in Shanghai. Education is an important instrument in building China’s global status. Reuters/Aly Song

How China’s education strategy fits into its quest for global influence

In China, education is more than a means to deliver high skilled labour. The country has constructed its education policy to demonstrate its ambition to become a global power.
China’s one-child policy, however controversial, should be given some of the credit for positive outcomes such as rising levels of education. EPA/Diego Azubel

The costs and benefits of China’s one-child policy

The recent announcement that China’s one-child policy will be partially relaxed will be celebrated worldwide by libertarians, human rights activists and, most importantly, Chinese couples who have longed…
Trouble brewing for China? Eugene Hoshiko/AP

Timid reforms won’t save China from major growth crunch

China’s rapid economic growth, and the development of Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shenzen into modern metropolises, might easily give observers the sense of a successful country, full of confidence. Clearly…
Out and about: Xi Jinping deploying soft power on a trip to Ireland. PA

Third Plenum sets out tentative program for change in China

The Chinese leadership transition last year, with Hu Jintao handing over to Xi Jinping, finally laid to rest Deng Xiaoping’s long-running maxim that China should “keep a low profile and hide its brightness…
A new Australian study has found China’s “little emperors” are less trusting and more pessimistic than those born before the one-child policy was implemented. Harald Groven

China’s one-child policy builds a generation of risk avoiders: study

China’s one-child policy has built a generation of sensitive, less trusting and more risk-averse adults, according to a new…

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