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Both sides of government have shown commitment to bringing back tech schools. If they’re so great why did we get rid of them in the first place? Turning and Fitting class Collingwood Technical School 1914 - Victorian Collections

Why tech schools won’t seem to go away

When Prime Minister Abbott went to the United States in June this year, he visited a P-Tech High school in Brooklyn. He said such schools were a “valuable education model for us to consider in Australia…
Could company-funded P-TECH schools like in the US work in Australia? Is this where education is headed? Flickr/IBMphoto24

Corporate highs: the US P-TECH model for schools in Australia?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited a P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early Career High) school in New York last week, hinting it’s a model of education we should consider implementing in Australia. The…

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