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College expenses determined by net price calculators can vary by an average of $5,700. Ariel Skelley/DigitalVision via Getty Images Plus

College cost calculators aren’t precise, but they could easily be made better

Net price calculators – online tools meant to estimate what students will actually pay for college – can produce varying results for students in similar economic situations, researchers find.
The most prestigious schools get top marks because they have had the invisible slave of disadvantaged schools working for them. Flickr/Montgomery County Plan

Top schools ‘top’ because someone has to be bottom

Across Australia Year 12 students are collectively holding their breaths to see what results they’ve achieved and, consequently, what their futures hold. Only hours after their release, many secondary…
When deciding where to send your kids to school, it’s about more than just the money. AAP

The strengths and benefits of Catholic and independent schools

Two recent pieces published on The Conversation (by Barbara Preston and Jennifer Chesters) argue that parents might be wasting their money paying for a non-government school education. They contend that…
Is there any evidence to suggest kids from private school have any more success later in life? AAP

Private schooling has little long-term pay-off

In a recent article for The Conversation, Barbara Preston examined the link between type of school attended and progress at university. Barbara concluded that after controlling for tertiary entrance score…
State school kids do better at uni than private schooled kids with the same tertiary entrance score. AAP

State school kids do better at uni

State school graduates do better at university than private school graduates with the same end-of-school tertiary entrance score. That’s the clear finding in a number of Australian studies since the 1980s…

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